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Our instructors have extensive experience teaching students of different cultures, ages, needs and interests. Each instructor is certified to teach Spanish as a foreign language, has an average of 10 years teaching experience and has also completed at least three months of training in Zamora Academia's teaching techniques. We believe that our strength is in our team and are dedicated to providing ongoing education for our instructors.



Students of every age and background attend Zamora Academia each year. Nothing sells our program better than our satisfied students. Here's what they have to say:

"I learned so much in just 3 weeks at Zamora Academia. At the start of my stay, I struggled to tell my host family about my hometown, and by the end, we easily discussed culture and movies over dinner. Alma's flexible teaching style was a perfect match for me. We practiced conversation and reading and I learned so much about Guatemalan culture. I can't wait to come back."

-Lizzy Klein, New York, New York USA

"My year in Antigua was the best experience of my life. After a crash course in "survival Spanish", I began volunteering at a nursing home after each day's classes. This was such a positive experience and I can't imagine a better way to learn Spanish."

-Anne O'Hara, Omaha Nebraska USA

"Zamora Academia is the best immersion program I've seen. I attended two other programs (in Costa Rica and in Mexico) and didn't learn nearly as much as I did in 4 weeks in Antigua. I loved the town and it was easy to stay in touch with my work and family because there are internet cafes on every corner."

-Marc Senn, Switzerland


*If you would like to talk to a current or former student about any specific concerns you might have, please let us know and we'll be happy to pass on a reference.






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